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On this web site you’ll get all the information you need to contact me. You’ll also find transcribed extracts and their related musical extracts

I am a professional saxophonist. I studied the music at the Jazz Studio and then at the Conservatory, both in Antwerp. I have an absolute pitch and thanks to my great experience in musical transcription, I can quickly transcribe the music with high precision.

I work mainly with the Finale software, Sibelius or musescore which allow me to write the music a lot faster ; the transcription can be then converted into a pdf file that can be read on any platform.
I proceed by transcribing the music from audio files or youtube music videos, and then I send you the score.
For a better presentation, I can use lilypond, which gives a comparable quality of engravement than major publishing houses.

Some of our music related services include :

The price of a transcription may vary depending on the complexity, the length and the quality of the recording.

Surf at ease and judge my work for yourself. If you’re interested, please get in touch with me.